Single Sign-On

GET /session

Gets a single-sign-on session token for a member given the userId from one of Club OS's integrated systems.  The token can only be used to sign in once, and then it expires.



The following fields must be included as parameters in the URL of the request.


The code of the system you wish to access. Codes can be either 'ABC', 'AF', or 'OS'.

userIdStringThe userId to match against
Success Response

The following message will be returned when the request succeeds.  Once the token is generated, the following URL can be used to sign on to Club OS:[token] 


UserId: <userId> found. Use token to login.

Failure Response

If your request fails, you will receive a Response object containing the following:

statusBooleanWill always be false.
responsesResponseMessage[]An array of ResponseMessage objects describing the error.

New Functionality as of 8/14/2015.

A URL can also be generated which will redirect to the desired page. In the example below the redirect is encoded with javascript: encodeURIComponent('/action/Calendar').[token]&redirect=%2Faction%2FCalendar

This can also be combined with user delegation and redirect: In the example below the second redirect is doubly encoded. encodeURIComponent('/action/Delegate/[delegateUserId]?redirect=' + encodeURIComponent('/action/Calendar'))[token]&redirect=%2Faction%2FDelegate%2F[delegateUserId]%3Fredirect%3D%252Faction%252FCalendar